We are a custom roaster specializing in quality coffee from nine of the best coffee-growing regions of the world. In addition to single-origin coffee custom roasted to your exact specifications, we offer five signature blends combining coffees that complement one another to produce amazingly great tasting coffee.

Airboss Coffee was born out of my experiences flying attack helicopters in Vietnam in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Great coffee has always been a passion, but finding coffee that was fresh and well roasted was almost impossible. Plus, the cost for quality coffee is generally much too high. My commitment is to provide reasonably priced, custom roasted coffee based on received orders. I do not roast a bunch of beans and then bag and ship them as orders come in. And I begin with the highest quality green coffee from all parts of the world. Your coffee will be in your hand within 72 hours of coming out of my roaster, depending on the shipping destination. — Airboss Bud